Artist Corner

Interested to know more about launching your artwork in Jakarta? Do you have what it takes to exhibit professionally? Art:1 Team comes to the rescue. With over than 30 years experience in artists management and exhibitions, Art:1 will assist you every step of the way. From exhibition management, curatorial process, documentation, public programs, media & press presentation, adjusting to market pricing, reviewing sales & report — we cater every step of the way to make sure you have an unforgettable experience. Our service does not limit only in visual arts, but also in fashion, designs, music, digital etc.

Collectors Corner

If you just began collecting artwork, we are happy to spend time with you to work on what suits you best. Our art collections are fully curated, selected and exhbited - so rest assured the artist have been selected carefully for genuine artwork. Our team will also make recommendations for collections as you desire - both known in Indonesia or internationally. Depending on your budget, art collecting should be an exciting hobby that gives you a personal goal. Creating a collection takes a long term goal and vision! The art of collecting is fun, engaging and full of surprises.

Patrons Corner

Everybody can become a patron as long as they become involved. Not an artist nor a collector? No problem. Patrons demonstrates support, network or funds to the museum and its programs. Every little support to Patrons Corner will be dedicated to the wellness of artists and their families, towards art education to the new generation and to enable emerging artits to have a continuous program for exhibitions in Jakarta or with our partner gallery. Funds collected by patrons also go towards business mentoring to artist, so artist may have a professional job - being a full time artist! Patrons often get invited to open Art:1 premiere exhibition program, special previews and belong to close knit network of Patrons of Art:1. Patrons will receive a 'token of appreciation' by artist during opening of an exhibition, will get a chance to visit artists studio, get involved with selection process and get to know artists & their families personally. Patrons are most suitable for coorporate CSR, private individual or embassies.

Corporate Corner

Looking for an unusual space located in Jakarta? Tired of the same old ballroom look? Stop looking and talk to Art:1 Team! We are experts at designing your corporate function into a vibrant, unforgettable experience. Our rooms and facilities are the perfect fit to display your presentation, slides or networking event. The artistic, modern gallery space offers uber cool and boutique event experience with highlights of sophistication. More than just a place for events, our service offers also virtual office, address, meeting rooms, networking with the right people so you may have a smooth business operations in Indonesia.

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