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Bali Making Choices

Bali Making Choices is intended to identify two creeds. The first one is to remind artists of their perceptions and beliefs as the subject of creation. This may be the claim and antithesis of how artists as subjects are almost forgotten, especially in this modern era that has a tendency to position artists as “illustrators” of curatorial ideas. The second one is more macro (socio-political discourse), which created to propose a comparison against the tendency to eliminate people’s right in making political choices. As the people’s political rights are held hostage by elite quasi-democracy choices, it often amputate people’s rights. In the Legislative Election, or even the current Presidential Election, for example, the people are just given a choice without the slightest room for negotiating aspirations. For that reason, by repositioning artists as the subject of creation, we believe this could project them as political statements of culture.

Participating Artists

Made Sukadana, Made A. Palguna, Nyoman Erawan, Made Djirna, Made Wiguna Valasara, Nyoman Darya, Agus Mediana Adiputra, Made W. Valasara, Putu Bambang Juliarta, Gusti A.A Dian, Made Supena, Wayan Kun Adnyana, Wiradana , Wayan Wirawan, Made Sukadana, Putu Adi Gunawan, Nyoman Nuarta, Made Widya Diputra, Wayan Kun Adnyana