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Photography has changed a lot in the last few years, since we entered the 21st century with the invention and ease of consumption of digital photography by society. The effects of this change take place everywhere on the planet. That is because it does not need translation. The photographic images began to establish a language that brings people together. Another factor that helps in spreading this idea is Social Networks, which inaugurated a new form of communication. The characteristic movements of this phenomenon are: the selfies; travel photographs and the great exposure of private life on social networks. The result is an establishment of a new way of communicating. Photography is changing and you need to change yourself with it. The exhibition - CONNECTIONS - aims to bring works of some Brazilian photographers to the public in Jakarta. What we propose, besides the images, is an invitation of getting the two cultures closer to each other. Brazil and Indonesia, two distant countries, geographically and culturally, are united by photography. Probably an exhibition like this would not have been possible in other times.

Participating Artists

Bernardo Borges, Gabriel Rizaffi, Isa Godoy, Ivana Panizzi, Liana Azevedo, Lu Lisboa, Malu Mesquita, Máximo Hernandez, Rosana Salvoni, Socorro Monteiro, Vera Resende, Adriana Milani, Carla Acacio