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Mooi Indie to Indonesian Modern Art

The Bataviasche Kunstring (Jakarta Art Circle) established in 1902 by European artists, such as: Jan Frank, Romualdo Locatelli, Peter Ouborg – as an outcome of the increasing number of middle and intellectual group of the Jakarta society. Local artists, such as: Abdullah Soerjo Soebroto, Wakidi, and other artists, had the opportunity to learn visual techniques and references from the international artists. Their works were mostly, depicting the beautiful landscapes of Indonesia, also known as the Mooi Indie.

PERSAGI (Persatoean Ahli – ahli Gambar Indonesia) established in 1937 by S. Soedjojono, Agus Djaya, Rameli, Soerono and other painters. They were pioneering the Indonesian Modern Art by challenging the status quo of Mooi Indie paintings. They ventured explored painting techniques and color that were extraordinary. Their works depict both landscapes and prevalent issues, such as: social, political, spirituality and gender equality.

Particularly on this area, Art 1: New Museum is presenting the museum collection from the Mooi Indie and Modern Era. The Mooi Indie era, represented by the beautiful works European artists (Arie Smit, Donald Friend, Adrien-Jean Le Mayeur) and Indonesian artists (Basoeki Abdullah). The Indonesian Modern Art era, represented by the works of S. Sudjojono, Affandi, Hendra Gunawan, Srihadi Soedarsono and Nyoman Nuarta.