Open Today from 10am - 6pm.

Resemblance of the Real

Bambang Ernawan | Budi Adi Nugroho | Dadang Sudrajat | Deden H. Durahman | Dikdik Sayahdikumullah |

The exhibition “Resemblance of the Real” is a presentation of abstract artworks, or works created using methods of form-related abstraction. In contrast to representative realism, abstract approaches to art creation consider imitating reality as neither urgent nor important. To take ‘the Real’ into account, however, does not mean that the artists are far removed from it or are not questioning it. Abstract works actually provide clues that direct us, in a more fundamental way, toward the problem of reality through the framework of languages. Abstract works transcend the non-symmetric relationship between art and reality, firstly, by recognizing the limits of descriptive-representational language’s ability to express reality more openly within its boundary-less dimension. Abstract works realize the impossibility of setting boundaries between the potentials of literal language (formal expressions) and of the metaphoric play of languages (figurative expressions) in the attempt to demonstrate the meaning of universal experience. Abstract works push metaphoric language to its radical point by exploring and cultivating the possibilities of language-play into a categoric or conceptual scheme that is distanced from similarities of reality. The framework used to understand abstract works does not become a way of recognizing imitated reality, but instead becomes a region of experience that allows one to discover his or her own consciousness (self-understanding) about resemblances of the Real that may help explain reality. This Abstract (or Abstractive) approach is a way toward discovering a unique, or characteristic, ‘linguistic’ expression that will allow every situation or experience, which previously seemed to have no place, to declare itself and thus, become visible.

Rizki A. Zaelani | curator