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Bla Bla Bla

Site project by Fabrizio Dusi

Words words words. We live in the society of image and communication. A world where public confessions, statements and outings are on the daily agenda. Flooding others with useless information makes the air dense with indistinct sounds.

Fabrizio Dusi, an Italian artist with a stinging but light irony, translates this cross-section of everyday life logorrhea and (almost) pathological verbosity, in a crowded scene of talkative characters, engaged in mono-directional monologues, carefully listening to themselves while ignoring the messages that come from other mouths open to the sky.

Anonymous comics float in the air, dragging indistinct news. The words lose their meaning and turn into colored bubbles as inconsistent thoughts. They float like drops of rain going upwards. They are balloons filled with air. Empty containers to waste.

The homologation puts everyone on the same level, distinguished only by the clothes that qualify them. Suit and tie for executives. Designer t-shirts are for fashionable guys who wear the slogan of their angst.

"Listen to me" and "Talk to me" become small, deep invocations of help. Search for love, understanding, listening, that is not something obvious. It is an earnest need. Fabrizio Dusi, behind his pop imagery, alludes to a drama of our time, softening the discomfort with a bittersweet smile.

Chiara Gatti Art historian and critic