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METAL DRAMA <ongoing>

Paper Scultpture by Yudi Sulistyo

Since the discovery of metal processing technology, the drama of human warfare was the involvement between metal and human skin. The First World Wars became the glorious era of war machines with metal dominance assembled to effectively to destroy the opponent. The assembly of the war machine and its vehicles dazzled Yudi Sulistyo as an artist with graphic design background. With highly craftsmanship skills and full of detail, this artist conjures paper material to be very similar to metal surfaces.

The sculptures are fragments of objects that incise a dark atmosphere of battle through a dull metal surface. The objects are silence and frozen, but make a dramatic impression through the colors, surfaces, and fragments that tend to be rough. Metal connections with a coarse welding technique increasingly give the impression of hard and rough metal.

His paintings and sculpture are not limited to the history of war in the past. Game world and fantasy movies also colored the idea of Yudi's work. His interest in portraying metal powers brings fantasy worlds present in his work, such as the emergence of robots and other futuristic war machines in dramatic scenes of his work.

Romantic artists pursue the tension between life and death through hunting scenes in the forest, wild animal battles, and the struggle against the ferocious nature. Yudi's work, especially his paintings, presents the dramatic atmosphere by combining real with fiction. War scenes with certain uniforms are reminiscent of war scenes in the past, combined with the figure of robots and wolf-headed men. The old-fashioned war machine became actual. War is always familiar with the history of mankind. War technology is even a commodity that contributes in influencing the political map, economy, and world culture.

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