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4 ALL Exhibition <closed>

One For All, All For One

Final year students of fine arts who exhibits the design, craft and art in the 4ALL Exhibition consists of 4 different classes: 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011. With hard work and cohesiveness of the team, they work together to realize the 4ALL exhibition of semester 103 prepared intensively since November 2015. Offers breadth of perspective art education in various forms of the practice of creation, these 19 male and female students showing various works of design, art and craft that fills the gap of social awareness, community needs, and the novelty in practice. Working process that they have gone through a long road full of criticism, praise and evaluation of oneself, faculty, and colleagues. The time has come to publish their work to the public. Contribution, originality and novelty are the three key words found in the 4ALL exhibition. Creation of design, craft, and art carried out carefully as the core of their proposed research to complement their efforts in reaching a degree as Bachelor of Education (S.Pd.) after many years receiving education at the Universitas Negeri Jakarta. Intuition and imagination are two things that can not be separated from the process of creation which they did, to then be balanced with a variety of factors of realities they faced