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Art Stage Singapore 2016 <closed>

Yudi Sulistyo and His Work
The main medium works Yudi Sulistyo is paper treated such that its image on the likeness of metal. This job requires precision, skill and high precision, or in other words guided by a qualified craftsmanship. That is why, in addition to developing an idea, he immediately began addressing structure to the detailed parts of the works. Yudi build a world of simulacra of combat equipment. He approached reality by working in depth aspects of shapes, colors, graphics, scale, and so forth. Most depicted intact others are just rustic pieces destroyed after the war. His recent works in this exhibition, among others titled: Last Drop of Blood, The Rise of the New Spirit, Dream Come True depicts a swi-fi world in the middle of nowhere like the image in the movie Star Wars. Production of tools to facilitate movement, relies on speed and power without clear purpose other than as a simulacra. Life spinning out of production, consumption, trash, reproduction and so on.

Participating Artists

Yudi Sulistyo