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Valasara works in this exhibition is still strongly associated with all things acquired in Transit residency program. Instead of displaying the paintings in the conventional sense, this exhibition should be seen as a project that questioned the practice of painting as 'ideological'. The works in this exhibition is using canvas, but not as a neutral medium. Canvas placed as a material that is 'symbolic', because it brings with it the history of painting and its dominance in the practice of making art for centuries. Historical narratives Renaissance original, complete and intact is absent in this exhibition. But the canvas material and iconography can still reminds us of the history of the canon of Western art, and more specifically: painting. Here icons of art history robbed of their place of origin, and transformed into something else. The situation offered by this exhibition reminds me of the process of moving-a 'migration' or mutation-symbols of culture, in the context of today's internet society, so massive, rizomatik, without a reference and a clear pattern. These days we see religious symbols, for example, borrowed, reproduced and modified in such a way that the aura faded in simulacra universe. Perhaps, this idea of hidden layers in this projects, this exhibition 'imitating' paintings desecrated it for purity and the 'purity' status.