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What Do Pictures Want

What is the 'truth' of the picture? The answer may be different from an artisan ads or politicians, artists will believe like this, that: 'the truth' of images is [the value of] the truth of the picture, which is a manifestation of 'hiddenness' dwells on "the quality as ' objects picture’ "(a thing-like quality of the picture). Each artist will also add that: each 'truth' of images will be meaningful as a truth or reality of the experience of life itself. If Plato calls the abode [value] of truth above World of Idea, Arisstoteles described it as cluster Ideal Form, then for Heidegger is a joint state between ourselves (humans) with the Ada, Sein or Being, (20. Finally, Like a Man (Dasein ), then amber is not just a 'no; but also' fetched '.

Participating Artists

Ade Darmawan , Citra Syukma , Nus Salomo , Mufti Priyanka ‘Amenk’ , Krisgatha Achmad , Ito Djoyoatmojo , Danne Dirgahayu , S.A Garibaldi , Benny 'Benzig' Sasmita , Cecep Moch. Taufik , Deden Hendan Durrachman , Gabriel Aries , Harry Cahaya , Hilman Hendarsyah , Fajar Abadi , Cut Dessy Gitary S , Muhammad Akbar , Panza DZ , Prilla Tania , Sahid Maulana , Tandya Rachmat Sampurna , Zusfa Roihan , Zico Albaiquni