Open Today from 10am - 6pm.

Flight For Light: Indonesian Art And Religiosity

This exhibition in its attempt to demonstrate religiosity within the Indonesian art development, adopts a particular time frame, from early 20th century onwards. As such,the exhibition presented notable works in the history of Indonesian art, such as works by Wakidi, Affandi, Ahmad Sadali; as well as works by important contmporary artists, from Heri Dono to Entang Wiharso. And without doubt, we also include works by emerging artists, which also show religiosity.

Participating Artists

Abay Subarna , AD. Pirous, Affandi , Ahmad Sadali , Anusapati , G. Sidharta Soegijo , Heri Dono , Ivan Sagita , Lucia Hartini , Made Wianta , Nyoman Nuarta , Rita Widagdo , Rusli , Setiawan Sabana , S. Soedjojono , Srihadi Soedarsono , Sudjono Abdullah , Sunaryo , Tisna Sanjaya , Wakidi , Widayat