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In the 2015's, Plaza Design: Anactdote 2015 will be re-held in Art: 1 Gallery Kemayoran on July 9 to 12, 2015. Too many complained but no action is one characteristic that started a lot owned by the people of Indonesia, especially the youth. Not surprisingly, other social problems also emerged. One of the most frequently we meet as students in the field of DKV is attending the exhibition just to get acknowledgement without trying to enjoy and appreciate the artwork itself. This occurs due to the lack of education about art and design to Indonesia since the young students. Seeing this committee moved to the theme of "Sensitive Initiative" as an approach in making the event Plaza Design 2015, in which the committee was sensitive to the problem that is happening around and also wanted to make a motion that invites the youth of Indonesia to take the initiative to contribute in the field of art and design.