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Ivan Sagita Biography

Jogja Surrealism emerged in the 1980s around the area of Yogyakarta in Indonesia, and Sagita is one of the initiators of the movement and certainly a prominent representative. Born in 1957 in East Java and trained at the Indonesia institute of the Arts, Sagita started to receive distinguished art awards as early as the 1980s. Through his artworks, Sagita Intends to interrogate the connection between the material world and the spiritual realm. His teak wood sculptures are a brilliant play with both medium and concept. A soft selendang (traditional scarf) was carved out using a hardwood material which was then finely polished glowing like a piece of marbie. The scarf serves a metaphor which could symbolise baby carrier, death rope, hair, river, a knot, or a bond. What is visible invites your imagination for the invisible: just like you see two hands, then you start to wonder the mumerous possibilities for the absent body posture.

Ivan Sagita Artworks