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Chris Suharso Biography

Born in Solo , Central Java , June 8, 1931 , died in Jakarta January 17, 1999 He is also known by the name Siauw Swie Ching, a self-taught artist who became an assistant painter Lee Man Fong to complete Ramayana painting at the Hotel Indonesia in Jakarta in 1963. His love for Balinese landscape and watercolor carried on, peaking in the 1990s, as is evident in the 1997 work Pura di Pedalaman (Pura in the Wilderness), which depicts a Balinese Hindu temple. The detailed depiction of the pura, framed by thick forest and banana tree, gives a sense of elegant tranquility, especially through rays of light made by using water to dilute colors. His Pasar Antik (Antiques Market, 1998) was made when Suharso was 67 years old and suffering from the cancer that would claim his life by 1999. The painting shows no weakness. It is vibrant, made with the energy of a teenager, showing the intricate details of an antique shop, with intelligent lighting and strong impression. The same can be seen in Tari Pandan (1996).