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Aidi Yupri Biography

Aidi Yupri is an artist born in Magelang, December 24, 1981, who studied at the Faculty of Fine Arts Art Institute of Indonesia, Yogyakarta. He is known as the artist who compose his works motivated by 'Signs of God' (Ayat ayat Tuhan), in the form of life in the vicinity. For him, a tree is truly a source of growing awareness of the questions at the same time. He learned from a tree with a simple afterthought; trees grow, live, and provide benefits to other parties. A tree will be flexible,adaptive with its environment. He participated in many exhibitions, such as in 2011 group exhibition "Homo ludens # 2", Emitan CA Gallery, Surabaya, Flight for Light : Indonesian Art And Religiosity, Art:1, Jakarta, "Nation of Landscape" Abdullah Basoeki Museum, Jakarta also solo exhibition in 2013 "The Universe Bloom to Book", Art:1, Jakarta.